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Q. Can I connect the Fauxflame module to a dimmer?
A. No, the microprocessor in the Fauxflame requires full line Voltage, so it cannot be connected to a dimmer.

Q. Can I connect the F110 Fauxflame module to a dusk to dawn photo cell or motion detector?
A. Yes, but only if the device has a “Full Wave Form” output. In other words, it requires non-chopped 60 Hertz. The microprocessor will not operate on a square wave form.

Q. Does the Fauxflame require a special light bulb?
A. No. Any standard incandescent or halogen bulb will work?

Q. Can I use LED’s with the Fauxflame?
A. Yes, with dimmable LED’s, however, the color temperature is best when used with incandescent or halogen lamps. When using with LED’s, it is best to use those with a 2700 K color temperature.

Q. Will using the Fauxflame module burn out light bulbs faster.
A. No, on the contrary, because most installations on operating on a much reduced voltage, light bulbs will last infinitely longer. It is not uncommon for bulbs running on the Fauxflame module to last 10 years or longer.

Q. Can I use a clear globe or chimney with the effect?
A. Yes, however, using a frosted globe or chimney creates a better, more subdued effect, and hides the light bulb. Most people can’t tell it is not a real flame, unless you can see the lightbulb.

Q. How long will the Fauxflame module last?
A. It is unknown. We currently have modules that have been in operation 24/7 for over 15 years in several large amusement parks. Each module is guaranteed for 1 year from date of purchase.

Q. Do you offer a 220 Volt version of the Fauxflame?
A. No, currently we do not offer a 220 Volt version.

Q. Can I connect more than one light bulb to a Fauxflame?
A. Yes, as long as you don’t exceed the maximum wattage ratting of 200 Watts for the 120 Volt module, and 25 Watts for the 12 Volt AC and DC modules.